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The Story


Alon Vivat is an award-winning jewelry designer and master of diamonds. He is well known for his signature and intricate jewelry designs. In 1985, he began working as a diamond salesman in Los Angeles, California. After only a few years, he founded his own diamond and jewelry company. Soon after, Alon began to design jewelry for businesses looking to maximize their profitability and resourcefulness. His inventive approach to this demand is what makes Vivat and Co. an exceptional player in the diamond and jewelry industry. Vivat and Co. is the only jewelry company that has established unparalleled creative solutions for clients with non-sellable and outdated jewelry inventory. With Alon’s passion and devotion for both artistry and ingenuity, he is able to craft each and every piece of jewelry with only the finest qualities. Such world-class designs do not simply speak for themselves. Alon Vivat has designed many jewelry items for both himself and his clients which were the winners of the JCK Jewelers’ Choice Awards. Notably, Alon designed and manufactured the bracelet which received the Best Bracelet Design Award over $10,000 in 2015. Alon was also granted Best Bracelet Design Award in the diamond and jewelry category of $2501-$10,000 in 2018. However, the value of Vivat and Co. designs is not solely derived from aesthetic excellence. Alon Vivat’s innovative jewelry designs hold United States Copyrights. In addition, Alon Vivat holds Design Patents on certain designs. Such certifications not only fulfill a sense of exclusivity, but they also produce added value for his clients.

Gila Vivat has over two decades of experience in the jewelry industry. She has become the queen of engagement rings, providing engaged couples with a dream-come-true ring that is a unique expression of their love. Gila possesses a sharp eye for aesthetics and sophistication. For this reason, she has been able to satisfy the desires of all her clients. She has a computer software and hardware background which helps her to fuse aspects of technology and art together. Gila Vivat is also the author of the acclaimed novel, 72 Hours. 

Trophy Collection


Increase your sales and profits by offering the Trophy Bracelet as a part of the Trophy Collection to your clients. Designed by Alon Vivat with a United States Design Patent and as the winner of the JCK Jewelers’ Choice Award for 2018, the Trophy Bracelet is the only bracelet in the world in which each and every one of its links is designed as a trophy with a diamond set on top. The smaller surface base of each link makes the trophy bracelet very unique in such a way that when the diamonds are set it appears as if the diamonds are floating in the air. As a symbol of victory, success, and accomplishment, this exquisite design will be much more affordable than any other tennis or line bracelets in the market due to the fact that between each link lies a secret space which carries about 30% less diamond weight with a much more aesthetic look. This design provokes feelings of love, appreciation, romance, elegance, and sophistication. The Trophy Bracelet will create memories that last a lifetime. Honor your loved ones with a Trophy Diamond Bracelet.

Alon Vivat is an award-winning jewelry designer known for his signature bracelet designs. In addition, he was involved in building the brands of other jewelry companies. He will do anything in his power to convert the beauty of his jewelry designs into pleasure and profits.

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